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Welcome to the Northern Califiornia Cross Country League. We hope that we find all the information that you need to join in the league.

The Cross Country league is an informal series of cross country competitions running from March through to October held at flying sites within driving distance of the Bay Area. The league is set to help pilots of all abilities in improving their flying skills by flying set courses with other pilots. These are essentially a fly in with a mission.

Check out this video on the Sprint League

Launching the Sprint League from Eric Blum on Vimeo.

Podcast from the paraglider.com on running the league.

The league is open to hang-glider and paraglider pilots who are happy thermalling with other pilots and who are able to land safely not-necessarily in the designated landing zone.

There are sister leagues around the country all following the same idea:

Southern California Cross Country League


NEW FOR 2019

Online submission of tracklogs. Be able to see your tracklogs relative to the task as you submit. More details to come closer to the start of the league.

SPRINT league for those pilots interested in learning how to flying the league but with more modest tasks and for pilots flying EN-A, EN-B and EN-C gliders. Pilots wanting to fly with the Sprint league on EN-C gliders are welcome they will be scored but not awarded any end of year trophies. More details to be found on the SPRINT webpage.

New page addressing all safety issues and SPOT tracking. Please read before the first league meet.

Drivers get paid $100 per day (must check in with Jug before coming to a meet).

Owners of approved vehicles for the meet have free entry . Gas money on these vehicles is completely covered. Any remaining funds to be distributed to approved vehicle owners at the end of each weekend.




To start flying in the league you need to do the following:


2) Register for the event

3) Download waypoints to your instrument

4) turn up at the venue with: your GPS, a 2m band radio and a serviceable parachute

5) SPOT or other similar satelite tracking device

6) have a ham license to be able to use repeaters to access the repeater network









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