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The Sprint league will run in a similar manner to The League. The Sprint league is designed for pilots wanting to learn how to fly The League without flying the more committed tasks and distance. This is essentially a training platform for the main League. Tasks will be more modest at around the 20km mark and will typically be fish bowl tasks with some opportunity to see outside the bowl. Pilots must be flying an EN-A or EN B glider and have a P3 rating or above participate in the Sprint league.

There will be more mentoring for the Sprinters (where logistics allow).

There is a google group for Sprinters where details of the weekends are shared and memebers may use this to co-ordinate rides etc.


To fly in the Sprint League, all pilots must have:

1) serviceable radio

2) serviceable parachute

3) GPS unit recording tracklogs

4) be able to select their own landing field and land safely

5) be comfortable thermalling with other pilots

6) Be an USHPA P3 or above pilot flying an EN-A or EN-B glider or En C glider.

7) Complete pilot registration. (REGISTRATION IS NOT OPEN YET). O



The fee per task is $15 . Sprinters will be responsible for their own retrieves and drive up to launch.

Scoring will be similar to the league with distance, time and leading points being awarded.

If a pilot does not make the first waypoint, they are permitted to relaunch.

If no pilot makes the first waypoint or the minimum distance the task is invalid and no points will be awarded.

Final scores for the Sprinters will be based on the best individual scores for at least half of the tasks flown. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 pilots at the end of the years to those pilots flying and EN A or EN B glider (not to En-C pilots).

If a pilot wishes to move to the League from the Spint league, no points from the Sprint League will be carried through to the League scores.

Some Sprint events will not co-incide with The League events due to site restrictions. There may be alternative venues on different dates set up instead.

Google Group for Sprinters can be found here:

Waypoints can be found at this link

Refunds. If a day gets cancelled pilots get refunded $15 per day. If a pilot does not turn up they do not get refunded. If a pilot cancels more than 24 hours before the Saturday morning meetup time they get a $15 refund per day.



ng formula will be used throughout.

mulative scoring: To win the whole comp, it is not necessary to fly in every event. Instead the points each pilot has accumulated in hal






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