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PILOT REGISTRATION: To compete in the league you must complete the online pilot regisration form through the NCXC Comp Admin page or the Sprint Comp Admin page.

WAIVER: All pilots must complete the waiver form as part of the pilot registration.

GPS DUMP: Waypoints must be uploaded to your GPS unit. GPS dump is a the recommended software for this.

WAYPOINT LIST: Once you have GPS on your computer you need to use GPS dump to upload the waypoints to your GPS unit.

XC league
Dunlap, Potato, Tollhouse
Lake Tahoe  
Owens Valley


MAPS: You can print your own maps for the different sites that we will be flying from. Note that these files can be large and may take a while to download. The low resolution map provides an overview of the flying region and the high resolution offers much more detail.

low resolution
high resolution
Potato Hill
Map 1
Map 1 Map 2
Owens Valley

GPS dump is the recommended software to use for downloading your tracklog to your computer. Make sure you save your tracklog in kml. format.

In order to download your tracklogs from your GPS, follow these steps:

1) install the drivers for your GPS device on your computer

2) install GPS Dump on your computer

3) Open up the GPS Dump application

4) Ensure you set the COM port on GPS dump so that it will read from your GPS device.

5) Download the track by pressing the download button for your unit.

6) Select all of the trackpoints (command A or controlA)

7) Save track log as kml file with your name and date as the file name.

8) Upload to the scoring system.


RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN: This link is for the RMP for the XC league and Sprint league. All pilots should read this before they come to the league. RMP










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