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This page is intended to give new pilots an idea of what to expect and how the league is run.

The league is intended for intermediate pilots and beyond. Pilots attending the league should at the minimum be able to launch without assistance, thermal with others and land in places that are not necessarily the designated landing field. There is no in flight instruction but plenty of people willing and able to help set up your instruments, the task and download at the end of the day.

The following is a typical scenario:

At least one week before the competition weekend:

Complete your pilot registration

You will need to download the waypoints to your GPS unit using the GPSDump. Here is tutorial to help with this.

Sign up for the Google Groups to co-ordinate transport or check on last minute arrangements. This is where any info on accom, weather systems coming through, change of venues etc will be posted.

Charge up your vario, GPS, cell phone and radio batteries at least the night before you venture out.

The morning of the competition:

Meet at the designated place at the appointed time. Have all of the flying equipment ready. Sign in for the day on the sign in sheet an. Leave your car keys in a safe place so that other people can get into your car. Get yourself and your gear into a car to go up to launch.

On launch.

Get your equipment ready for launching- clear your lines etc. Wait for task to be announced. When the task is set, enter task details into your GPS unit. Ask for help if you need it. Make sure you have set yourself up in a buddy team. When the start opens launch at an appropriate time- there may be a launch priority in place.

Take off and have fun.

Land hopefully not in the middle of nowhere. Call on the radio to one of your buddies to make sure they know you have landed safe. You must get an acknowledgement back to say that they know you are safe. Pack up and get to a road. Call on radio retrieve for someone to pick you up. If you landed early and there is no one around to pick you up, hitch hike back to your car. Sign yourself off as safe on the sign in sheet. When you get to your car, go and start retreiving other pilots. Make sure you collect money from pilots whom you pick up. When you get back to assembly area make sure the folks whom you picked up sign themselves in as safe. If you have done one retreive you can ask fellow pilots to pick up remaining pilots since you have done your bit. It is imperative that all vehicles get recovered from launch and this may involve an additional drive. Make sure you pack as many pilots into the least numbet of cars to get the remaining vehicles from launch to the assembly area.


Go to bed.

The next day is similar to the first day. The only differences being that at the end of the day when you have signed yourself in as safe you may leave. Use GPSDump for tto download your tracklog .There is a tutorial to help with this. Results will be posted here within 24 hours of the last tracklog submission.



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