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1) The league will run every month from March through to October

2) Two competitions to be held every race weekend- weather permitting. In the unlikely event that the weather forecast looks bad for the whole weekend the competition will be postponed to the next available weekend. If that weekend is also cancelled, then the tasks for that monthw ill be cancelled.

3) The same scoring formula will be used throughout the season which will be either PWC or GAP2011. Each task gives a maximum of 1000 points to the winner provided both nominal time and distance have been exceeded.

4) Cumulative scoring. To win the league, it is not necessary to fly every task. since the points each pilot has accum,ulated win half of the tasks flown will be used. If a pilot has flown more than half of the tasks, then the best points will be used.

5) If there are an odd number of valid tasks, then the scores are taken from one more than the half tasks flown.

5) There are 3 categories to the competition based on the safety rating of the gliders.High aspect gliders in the ENB rating may be considered as Category 2 gliders.

DHV /LTF rating
EN rating
Category 1
2-3 and competition
Category 2
Category 3 / Sprint League
1 and 1-2
A and B

6) Should a pilot change their glider to a different rating glider then the catergory glider that the pilot is entered into is based on the highest rating of a the glider flown in the league during the season.

7) At the start of each day there will be a weather briefing before the task is set.

8) The cost to compete in each task is $30 (this is site dependent) which is partially refundable should the task be cancelled. If pilots have not downloaded waypoints beforehand there will be levy of $5 to download waypoints on the day or at the start of the weekend. This levy may be waived at the meet directors discretion.

9) Waypoints and software for downloading waypoints can be found at this website.

10) All pilots must have completed the pilot registration and waiver before they compete. The waiveris completed during the registration process.

11) All pilots must fly with a serviceable 2m radio, a serviceable reserve parachute and a GPS device that is able to record their tracklog.

13) RULES OF THE AIR. All pilots must obey the rules of the air: first pilot in the thermal sets the turn direction, pilots entering the thermal must approach from the outside, normal ridge rules. Failure to observe standard rules (including no cloud flying) will result in the pilot scoring nil for the task and not being allowed to compete in any more events.

14) A protest committee of appointed by Jug will deal with any disputes.

15) If at the end of the league two pilots have the same score, the winner will be the one who has scored higher in individual races.

17) A task is invalid if no pilot makes the first waypoint or the minimum distance whichever is the shorter.

18) Relaunches are only allowed if the pilot fails to make the first waypoint

19) Retrieves beyond goal are not possible. Pilots flying past goal should arrange their own retrieves.

20) There will be a safety committee whose job it is to give information regarding the weather conditions on parts of the course.

21) Scoring Parameters are:

GAP 2011

Nominal distance 15km

Nominal Time 1 hr

Minimum Distance 5km

Nominal in Goal 0%

Distance Points, Time Points, Leading Points.

Day normalised to 1000 points.

22) All league pilots to fly with a SPOT or similar device and must have a HAM license.

23) It is the discretion of the score keeper to accept late submissions of tracklogs. Tracklogs must be submitted by midnight on Tuesdayfor 2 day weekends) or Wednesday midnight (for 3 day weekends). Tracklogs might not be included for scoring if they arrive after this time, if the pilot has not completed a pilot registration, has not completed a waiver or does not have a SPOT or ham license. If a tracklog is not submitted within the allocated time minumum distance will be awarded.

24) Refunds. If the event gets cancelled or postponed all pilots get a refund of the discounted rate. If the event gets cancelled on the day then pilots will get a refund of $20 per task for the XC league and $10 per task for the Sprint League. If a pilot does not turn up they do not get a refund. If a pilot cancels more than 24 hours before the Saturday morning meeting time they get a refund of the discounted rate.




ng formula will be used throughout.

mulative scoring: To win the whole comp, it is not necessary to fly in every event. Instead the points each pilot has accumulated in hal








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